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Vaporfi E-Cigarette Review

Boasting more functions and features than you could shake a stick at, V2 electronic cigarettes have become one of the most popular brands on the market in recent years and it’s clear to see why. But what can you really expect from this e-cigarette manufacturer? Well let’s take a look at their products, their services and what they can do for you.

The first thing to bear in mind that V2 provide one of the easiest-to-use websites around. Everything’s so clearly laid out and straight forward that you’ll never have to worry about getting lost in the unnecessary details. If you choose to buy online, you can take full advantage of their free shipping services, a free 30 day money back guarantee, a lifetime warranty on selected products and even a point system where you can redeem your points for free gifts.

Their products are just as varied and packed full of features, with options for both manual and automatic batteries that allow your e-cigarette to either be turned on with your direct input, or in the case of the automatic battery; shut off when un-used after a specific amount of time. It’s not just the batteries that V2 pride themselves on, they also have a great range of adaptors to suit all of your recharging needs. So whether you intend to charge your e-cigarette while in your vehicle, in the office or from the comfort of your own home, their range of wall, USB and car adaptors can keep your e-cigarette functioning at its maximum.

One of the main reasons that people are so fond of V2 is for their range of e-liquid flavors. With ten unique flavors to choose from, you’ll even have the option to mix and match up to three of them for a unique flavour combination of your choice. As these e-liquids are completely free of nicotine as standard, while also being able to include three levels of nicotine intensity (low, medium and high), V2 e-liquids are ideal for those of you that are hoping to give up the habit as time progresses, or for smokers that simply enjoy the habit and don’t need nicotine at all; opting for the flavors instead.

So how do their electronic cigarettes compare to the rest of the market? Well very well in all honesty. They aren’t only fairly priced, but they come in a range of styles and features to suit you as the smoker. V2 offer disposable, individual, starter and professional kits, referred to as the ‘standard’ and ‘ultimate’ kits. These packages come with everything that you’ll need to get smoking, just with varying products included depending on your kit.

It’s always an option to go for a single e-cigarette kit too and even these provide great ways to smoke. With an individual e-cigarette, rechargeable battery and USB adaptor, you’ll be happy to hear that you even get to choose your preference of e-liquid flavor. All in all, V2 offer such a great range of electronic cigarettes that you’ll be hard-pressed to find better.